Issue 1

Welcome to The Red Ricecake, a magazine of the game Realm of the Rice Cake. This is out very first issue so please, If stuff does not seem satesfactory, rest assured it will improve in time.

-LordAidan, Editor


New Monsters

Throughout the game, there have been many monsters. The following new monsters have been revealed over the past two weeks:

Glitch Minion
HP: 50
Drops: Glitch Staff
Attack: One hit of 5~10.

Magnetic Glitch
Drops: Magnetic Blade
HP: 60
Attack: One hit of 5~10.

Shadow Ricecake
Drops: Nothing
HP: 70

Drops: Werevamp Costume
HP: 60
Attack: Unknown

Dark Tree
HP: 70
Drops: Nothing
Attack: Three hits of 1~6 each.

These are but a few of the monsters in ROTRC. And many more will come, I can assure you! So pay attention to this section in the next issue of The Red Ricecake.


As it is only the Beta of Realm of the Rice Cake there are currently only two available quests. These are given by Ricobabie in her quest to finally defeat her age old enemy, the Glitch King. Warning: The Ahead Summeries contain Spoilers!

The first is A Glitched Beginning. In it we are sent out to examine the Forest of Glitch to see if the Glitch King really as returned. Alas, we discover not only the Glitch King, but an army of Glitches. After battling our way through Minions and Magnetic Glitches, we find ourselves faced with the deadly Shadow Ricecake. Once you defeat him you can do the next quest.

The second quest sends you out to investigate the Glitch King. After battling our way through Dark Trees, and Magnetic Glitch, we find the VERY secret cave of the Glitch King. When you rush inside to confront the Glitch King he barely escapes through a teleporter. You return to Ricobabie with your information.

Two to three more quests have been said to come. There are also rumors of special orb drops from the Glitch King, meaning that we will get a chance to face him later in game. Hopefully you will triumph over him, and his evil schemes!

Important NPCs

There are a lot of Important NPCs in the world of Realm of the Rice Cake. Just to make sure you don't miss them all here is a list of the most important ones.

Queen Ricobabie
Queen Ricobabie is inside her castle to the left of the town. She gives you the Glitch King quests, and is in fact, the first quest giver in the game. Make sure to talk to her when you start out in the game.

Lemon runs a store, selling a quite cool looking lemon sword. It was one of the first weapons in the game, along with the rare 2009 Halloween Release. You can also sell stuff to him.

Strawberry sells both a hat and a sword, slightly more then what his partner Lemon sells. The Strawberry helm is one of the first armors in the entire game. The only others are the costumes from the Halloween 2009 event.

The Glitch King
Ricobabie old enemy, the Glitch King has returned with an army of Glitches to drive out the good queen. You must stop him before his evil plan reaches fruitation!

Wallace is a sushi who sits around telling people vaguely important stuff. It is suspected that someone glued him to his rock, and hence, he no longer moves. Whatever the case, he is a good person to talk to to find out about current events.

These are but a few of the NPCs yet to come. Let us hope that this list of NPCs expands bigger and bigger as Realm of the Rice Cake grows larger and larger. Viva la Rice Cakes!

Important Items

Welcome to this issues Interesting Items! Here we have the top five most strange, interesting or just plain cool weapons or armor from Realm of the Rice Cake. And here they are:

Chocolate Orb
This Orb made of Mawridge's finest chocolate happily floats by your shoulder. It attacks enemies by shooting what looks suspisciously like a beam of chocolate milk at the target. It gives an attack bonus +3, making it a quite potent weapon. And if you get hungry, well, it IS made out of delicious chocolate!

Blood Stained Spear
This is a red spear, which is reputed to be made out of blood. One wonders how it stays together. Perhaps magic? In any case, this is the most powerful weapon in the game, adding plus 5 attack bonus. But its power comes at a cost as it takes away 2 defence from you when you use it. Hmm… I wonder what would happen if I stabbed a vampie with it.

Glitch Staff
The Glitch Staff is an error. But it wouldn't be an error to keep one of these nice weapons in your inventory, if only for looks. They consist of a graphical error (a strange blusish bar) with a 404 error floating on top of it. Definately a novelty, though its +3 attack bonus is nothing to joke about. Keep it with you,a nd hope it doesn't make your computer stop working.

Vampire Costume
The Vampire Costume transforms you into a powerful vampire! Along with your transformation comes great defence; it offers +3 defense bonus to you, and is guarenteed to protect you from serious harm. Not to mention, those glowing red eyes and small black wings make it cool to look at while you keep it on you.

Werevamp Costume
The Werevamp is a fusing of vampie and werewolf to create an extremely powerful new creature. If you defeat it, there is a ten percent chance of getting a Werevamp costume. The Werevamp costume is the most powerful armor in the game, give plus 4 defence bonus AND +1 attack bonus. Coupled with the Blood Spear, it makes an almost unstopable force.

Ask Dudu

In search of information on ROTRC, I decided to ask DuDu a few questions. And here are his answers:

1. What do you do for ROTRC?
I am ActionScript 2.0 coder in Realm of the Rice Cake. That means that every single system that you see in-game was made by me. The quests, after being written by Dorigo, are also programmed by me. Basically, I have coded every single enemy, quest and equipment.

2. What do you think of your team members?
It's great to work with them. The artists make great pieces of art and Dorigo writes amazing stories. It couldn't be better.

3. Do you like the art?
The Realm of the Rice Cake art is very special to me. It's detailed and the artists do their best to always make cool and cute ricecakes! Also, the art is "flexible". I mean, it's really easy to animate it, and fun, too!

4. Will it ever be MMO?
I don't think there's a chance to transform RotRC into an MMO. For now, making MMOs to me is complicated, since we don't have a server and I don't have the knowledge. It's a dream, but I still don't think I would be able to do so.

5. Whats your favorite weapon?
I don't have my personal weapon yet, but my favorite one is the Beta Katana! It is not released to public yet, but all I can say is that it's awesome. I am pretty sure the Glitch King will drop it and the Beta Orb, but we need to wait and see.

6. Whats your favorite creature?
That's a good one! I think it's the Dark Tree. Its attack is wonderful, and it looks amazing, too! I am thinking about adding it to lots of other quests in the future which take place in a forest. And, maybe, we could also make a Dark Tree King! How about a Dark Tree saga? Oh, well… That's the future!

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